Our Services

Trion`s big "capital" is our German, Swiss and Austrian high quality network of investors (institutional and private) as well as the leading financial stockmagazines. We built this network within the last 17 years through maintaining a very close, honest and reliable relationship to our partners, often also taking them on different site-visits in the canadian mining-space. 


Together with you we analyze the current status of your business and develop an effective targeted communication strategy tailor-made for small- and medium-sized companies. Our professional European awareness campaigns reach from a two days road show to a several months full public relations program. 


Overview on our services:

  • Organization of Institutional European Roadshows focusing on one-to-one meetings and smaller presentations with family-office managers, fund-managers and high-networth-individuals
  • Providing professional German analyst coverage through our network
  • Translation of Press-Releases and Distribution through our network
  • Investor- and Public Relation services for connecting with European shareholders
  • Financial Event- and Conference Management 


Roadshow-Presentations with family-office-managers, fund-managers and high-networth-individuals
Best meeting venues as e.g. the Ambassador Club Frankfurt
Live from the Frankfurt Stock-Exchange
Only high end Roadshow Limousines


We are delighted to compose you a tailor-made proposal for a European Awareness Campaign and / or send you some references. Contact us in our Munich office +49 89 45454178 or use our Contact Form.