Trion Capital - Connecting companies with the European Financial Community since the year 2000

Trion Capital, based in Munich, Germany, was formed in 2000 and now already has almost 17 years of active experience in the European financial markets. We were one of the pioneers in helping foreign small- and midcap companies building a German- and European shareholder-base and a solid investor-following.


Our team has a very unique "in" with German, Swiss and Austrian money managers, fund managers, boutique family offices and high-networth-indivuduals interested in small- and midcap investments. Mainly focused on resource- and mining opportunities but also with great expertise and connections in other industries as e.g. Biotech, Hightech or Renewable Engery etc..


Trion Capital is different compared to many other puffed-up German IR-/PR firms. We do not keep an IR-payroll full time - we "trimmed the fat" as we only contract experts in the fields, which are necessary to your campaign. That way you are never paying for services that your company does not need or use, keeping your campaign both cost effective and time efficient. 


Why Trion Capital?

  • Almost 17 years of experience in the European Financial Markets
  • Very unique "in" with money managers, small- and midcap funds as well as the leading German financial press
  • slim structure - low costs - high flexibility


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